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(note me for contact info)

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1 i love you: band song
it's true you are all i think about it's real im right here in front of you it's me saying i want a chance it's flying thro my head (chours) i love you there's the gum in my hand ill do it if i have to i love you and i want no pain inside please say yes i love you _____________(music)____________
see me running to be by your side please relize that this is real the fire in my heart burns whaen you are near the waves grow everythime we kiss oh (chours) i love you there's the gum in my hand ill do it if i have to i love you and i want no pain inside please say yes i love you _____________(music)____________
i relize that this want last for long but i can tell it might yeah i wish that everything would be ok but that wont work oh (chours) i love you there's the gum in my hand ill do it if i have to i love you and i want no pain inside please say yes i love you _____________(music)____________
i want you to know how much i need you by my side i need you to relize that im the one for now a
2 GoodbyeThe cool ocean water crept up her legs as she sat down by the pier, sinking her feet in the water. The surface of the ocean danced as wind blew, making stray locks of her jet-black hair fly across her face, tickling her cheeks. She gazed at the horizon. The mighty Sun was already setting, leaving a tone of auburn-orange on the world. She sighed deeply, playing with her fingers as she kicked the water softly. Her brain could not stop thinking about the move she and her family was going to make. The thought of a whole new environment, a new school, new people and everything else in between made sent small shivers down her spine. I was going to leave a part of myself behind. She was at the verge of tears; her heart as heavy as lead. The thought of leaving her friends, school teachers, everyone--
"Hi," a male baritone voice interrupted her thoughts and lifted her heart by a fraction. She turned to him as he sat down beside her, his face maintaining an expression as calm as a

3 love
love is the peace of mind,
love is in your heart,
love is for another,
my love is for you,
my soul is yours,
my heart belongs to you,
you break my heart,
the love fades away,
when it does,
you'll have nothing to say,
love is power,
love is hope,
i love you,
and thats the truth
4Raiden by demonkid-dante
5 love
you got the love of the air,
you can feel the love for pain,
you need the love to suvive,
you need to look deep inside,
the love makes you happy,
the love can make you sad,
no matter what love do's,
it's always there for you
6 love peom
can you feel it?
can you feel the love?
be careful tho,
it might bite your back one day,
the feeling might be great,
but it will fade away,
you might think that it's all you need,
but beware of the pain,
love can be good or bad,
but that is you way

7Wheel of Heart by obsceneOSTRICH 8Blown Away by kephre
9JordyxNeko by Kibawolfgirl 10Ringo from Casshern Sins by anitadna
11Separation by KrIsItY-ChEeSeMaN43 12 Judy and Mary are FriendsJudy and
Mary are
They talk
They trust
each other
friend (frnd) n. 1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
Have you
kiss someone?
I haven't.
I neither.
Would you
Like to
try it?
kiss  (ks) v. kissed, kiss·ing, kiss·es To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness.
like (lk) v. liked, lik·ing, likes 1. To find pleasant or attractive; enjoy.
Judy and
Mary are
They talk
But nor
Judy or
Are being
lie n. 1. A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.
     I can't  | I can't
  tell Judy  | tell Mary
      that I  | about this
  get dizzy | strange feeling
when I see her.
nervous [ˈnɜːvəs] adj 1. very excitable or sensitive; highly stru

13 the last love: band song
i can see your eyes poor those tears i try to help but you dont let me i try to make you feel better but you just say no oh yeah (chours) the last love you had broke your heart now im here to take the place the last love walked away oo the last love ___________(music)_________
you try to hide the fact your in pain you sit there each night and cry i dont know if i can take it with the pain you have but i know i will fix it if you just would let me oh please understand i'm here for you please listen ill make you better (chours) the last love you had broke your heart now im here to take the place the last love walked away oo the last love ___________(music)_________
listen to my heart beat for you listen to the tears going away listen to your heart fixing it self yeah try to relize he wasn't worth it relize that i'm here for you ill always will be yeah (chours) the last love you had broke your heart now im here to take the place the last love
14The Shining star in my heart by KrIsItY-ChEeSeMaN43
15The Heart Of an Angel by KrIsItY-ChEeSeMaN43 16footbal player colored by MigratorBird-Razile
17No Hay Amor Aqui by AnotherImpossibility 18Dusk by mindfreak727
19me and my girlfriend by lollipop-killer-60 20Touch me by ferdicamacho
21Inkheart by Orangeyyy 223 by Hyazintha
23lollipop love by lollipop-killer-60 24:thumb182274511:
25love icon 2 by ToxicKiwii 26love by zuko-zuko-me 27lovekiss 2 by wasteMe
28best friend and her boyfriend by lollipop-killer-60 2987 by Hyazintha
30UBL- 2 by Orangeyyy 31:thumb182394640:
32Across the Universe by Candy-DanteL 33CE: Antennae Kiss by KimiGryphon
34Matchy matchy xD by Candy-DanteL 35AT: You're my Bestie by Candy-DanteL
36Unbiased Love by Highwind-Sniper 37me and my boyfriend :D by bitch-in-the-house
38:love: by zuko-zuko-me 39:thumb180015408:
40i love you by i-hate-you-love-you 41love heart by emo-love-3oh3
42my dear big brother by lucaslike92 43A perfect future by lucaslike92
44love icon by ToxicKiwii45Love by Hyazintha46love icon by ZUTARA-ZUKOKATARA111
47 i love u
i love you,
but you dont love me,
what did i do wrong,
what did i say,
why is that,
you hate me now,
i miss your kiss,
i miss your hug,
i miss you,
always and forever,
i love you
48my bff and his girlfriend by i-hate-you-love-you
49Romeo and Juliet by pariah87 50:thumb182485014:
51:thumb147104841: 52usopp.nami: just one kiss? by kanjo-girl
53tiana.jasmine: see ya by kanjo-girl 54Iridessa.Terence: dance it off by kanjo-girl
55:thumb172829569: 56Collage 6 by Anne-Cathy
57:thumb174284889: 58Heart by Anne-Cathy
59A Light Breeze by GoodwillAmbassador 60 A Special Morning    Rolling over gently to see her face, I smiled at the day ahead. Her eyes were still closed and her lips were pursed together in a little pout. Her hair, messy, brown and black. Contact-less and dry mouthed, I pull the comforter down off myself, careful careful not to disturb the warm, snoozing creature by my side. She let out a sigh as I set myself sure-footed on the bedroom floor. The floor was cold, so my feet searched around for my slippers. I rubbed my eyes one more time, turned around and gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed for the shower. As I open the bathroom door, she mumbled, "Wait for me . . . "
    I let her walk around me and get out of the shower. I always wait for her to finish before starting my shave. The steam followed her out of the shower, framing her body as she stepped in front of the mirror. Using her towel to wipe the steam away from the glass, she turned around and blew me a kiss.

61:thumb182817819: 62broken heart by kiss-thekiwiwnow3oh3
63 Let It Be Me  There you are, shimmering in white, facing the stage, about to throw the bouquet. Your new husband is beside you, beaming, knowing he is the lucky one. I am among a throng of people who adore you and wait with out-stretched arms.
  Your laughter makes me feel like I can fly.
  It was so long ago and it was yesterday: you had me with just a toss of your lovely head. You took hold of my heart and ran with it like a child with a June bug in her hands.
  You shut your eyes tight and laugh that champagne laugh as the countdown starts: "Five . . . Four . . . Three . . . "
  Once, only once, I dared to tell you I loved you. I took a stick and wrote my message in the lavender snow outside your window. My deepest secret sparkled in the silvery early dawn. But the wind, in its unthinking way, erased it before you woke.
  " . . . Two . . . One!" You toss the bouquet behind you and everyone cheers. My heart shutters, Let it be me, pl
64I Love Autumn 2 by Anne-Cathy
65:thumb183058841: 66:thumb183029617: 68:thumb132905904:
69Wedding Day Part 1 by Teri-Minx 70Wedding Day, part two by Soviet-Superwoman
71 i still love you
Even though we fight,
I walk my days with no fright,
for it's not you i fear,
but without you being here.
A fear i believe to be untold,
it is you i want to behold,
in my arms where you belong,
fall asleep to your lullaby song.
Recently we've yelled and we've fought,
but neither of us have put it in thought,
how much we are really missing each other,
and how in life we dont want to find another.
No matter how bad of a day it was to me,
it is only you who I want to see,
after all these things we have been thru,
what I want to say is that I still love you.
72The Kiss by LadyFenris
73Light Up the World by AmaryllisHakatri 74 Somewhere along the wayListen –
I was enthralled by the sharp military rhythm of your snare, ever-steady behind the violins’ insane runs,
                            the low rumble of your timpani as it rose in thrilling crescendo,
                            the sleigh bell's cheery jingle, the glock's bright melody.
I was enthralled by your nimble hands and their delicate grace,
                            your striking, dark-clothed profile against the red curtain,

75 Something about you.There's something about you.
There's something about the way you sit with your bare feet hooked around the legs of your chair, the way you cradle your instrument in the crook of your arm and caress the back of its neck with the pad of your thumb. You have this absent-minded half-smile and far-away gaze that hold my eyes while you stare off into space.
There's something about you.
My eyes are drawn up along the curve of your hips and somehow your waist is just begging for a pair of arms to wrap around it, to pull your back snug against someone's chest and rest a chin on your shoulder.
There's something about you that neither graphite nor words nor photos can convey, and my feeble attempts fall far, far short of capturing the image etched so sharply into my mind – goddamn, you're beautiful.
76Hey. I love you. by AmaryllisHakatri
77 EchoWithin the crowded corridor
I thought I heard once more,
The voice that once upon a time,
Sang me “forevermore.”
Came flying all the memories
Deep buried long ago,
Of love and whispered hopes and dreams,
Lost in winter's snow.
I turned and searched, but only found
Behind my heart’s own door
A lilting echo softly sings,
“Never, nevermore.”
79Tattoo Hearts by AmaryllisHakatri 80 Letters Never SentLetters Never Sent
Dear Emma,
Do you remember that summer, years ago, when we caught damselflies in my backyard? The midday sun was sweltering, but we laughed, laughed and ran anyways, disregarding it. Oh, the innocence of childhood.
We put the fragile insects in glass jars, sat down with them in our laps in the shade. I envied their flight. I wanted to keep them there, to trap the ephemeral beauty of their gossamer wings and delicate bodies and preserve them, keep them safe. But they didn't fly in those jars, maybe couldn't fly, and so we let them go, set them free. We spent evening playing make-believe with the cool grass tickling our toes, talking about our fantasies and dreaming about flying, marveling at the never-ending sky that flashed through those glimmering wings.
Dear Emma,
Do you remember my birthday that summer years after? I still have the card you gave me. It's tucked away with the other priceless things that I hold close to my heart and take out every once in a w

81 I wrote you a symphony.I wrote you a symphony,
A declaration,
Aural manifestation
Of us, in all our bliss,
Fashioned from soaring melody;
Interweaving harmony.
Throughout the staves a canon threaded,
The two-voiced motif that would go on forever
If the players so wished it.
In came that which should have been natural –
Too much, too often.
(Every few days, was that supposed to be bearable?)
Formerly resolution followed, for so cadences form and progressions flow,
But harsh dissonance smothered consonance until that,
That was all that was left.
I wrote you a symphony, but now,
Now it lies – discarded – on my dusty shelf of
Childish fantasies and
Foolish mistakes.
Half-foreseen modulations led us too far astray
(I saw them coming
Knew when they passed
Gave up on delaying the inevitable.)
(Just waited for the dead end.)
Two-part canons require two players but I,
I fell silent
And you,
You fell down.
82Is it wrong? by Vetom
83What is this, I don't even.... by Vetom 84Holly by Vetom
85How about some love? by Vetom 86Butterfly by Vetom
87red love poem by ToxicKiwii 88love 4 you by jenna-superstar
89 i LOVED you
i loved you once,
but i dont anymore,
it's your fault,
because you left,
you left me there to cry,
but it dont matter anymore,
i hate you now,
and that just fine,
but you still love me,
i dont like that,
i told you that i loved you,
but you wont lisen,
i dont want to hurt you,
but it might be the only way,
so i say goodbye,
so you can cry
90Burning Love by Pauris
91Birthday Gift by MostlyHarmless121 92 Can't Take My Love From MeThey can take my home
They can make me flee
They can burn my things
But they can't take my love from me
They can beat me 'till I'm black and blue
But I will still be free
As long as I can breathe good air
They can't take my love from me
They can knock me down
They can make me bleed
But I'll rise again
'cause they can't take my love from me
Forever in her arms I'll be
'cause they can't take my love from me
Forever happy I will be
'cause they can't take my love from me

93 I tried     I tried to write you a letter. Tried to put all of my feelings to paper while filtering out the hormones and cliché paper hearts. Tried to express something I’ve never been able to express with ink before.
     I tried, and failed. Everything I wrote turned mushy, like a week old sandwich or was so incoherent that it crumbled into a pile of words when you poked it.
     I cant find any poetic verses or beautiful prose to describe the way my heart races when you take my hand, or the warm, smooth feeling I get in my stomach when I lay down after staying up late talking to you.
     I’ll leave it to the great writers to find the proper words to describe those feelings. We’ll just have to do with this, for now.
94 Summer NightsBright lights burst in the skies above our heads
Darkness is chased away by bright colours
For in our time, there’s something to be said
For those who lie side by side as lovers
But after the light fades, all turns to black
And once great courage turns to liquid fear
We drift far apart, without looking back
Too afraid to show our feelings, sincere
So live in this moment with lights aglow
Take my hand and let trepidation go

95tokka drawing: by ToxicKiwii 96:thumb175317017:
97mai and zuko--maiko by ToxicKiwii 98My first kiss... by That-CrazyCat
99:thumb180337153: 100:thumb183865346:
101:thumb165683353: 102 This Eyelash ThingI was sitting there and doing..  "nothing" for others, but a lot in my opinion.
I was breathing, sometimes even eating something. I was listening to the dull voices and noises crawling through my closed windows. I was even smiling. For the Others. For me.
I don't even know who I wanted to convince with my facade.
How Pathetic.
I wasn't strong enough for really living. The last days, weeks, months, I just realized the huge difference between being "alive" and "living".
My days consist of moving from my windowsill to my bed. Or lying under my bed, hiding.
Being afraid, someone could find me.
But there was nobody who'd search for the lost something deep inside me.
The windows are closed all the time, I forgot the difference between day and night. I only notice a possible period of time by the talks I might randomly hear from outside.
But who cares. I don't care. No one does. And of course not- why should I [or anybody]?
Why should anything be worth caring f

103:thumb183990561: 104:thumb183420605:
105:thumb171558356: 106:thumb183992225:
107Wondering... by AmaryllisHakatri 108Instant Teen- Kiss by AmaryllisHakatri
109Bleach Fanart by AmaryllisHakatri 110This is how you make me feel. by AmaryllisHakatri
111Random Heart by Rcdevils 112Dragon Girl by AmaryllisHakatri
113Benevolent Domme by LadyFenris 114Unholy Matrimony by LadyFenris
115The Softer Side by LadyFenris 116hearts rendered light by Rcdevils
117 118
119::I love you:: by CandidusQ8 120.::Love is a Game::. by CandidusQ8
121Yin Yang by Rcdevils 122new icon by Larka08
123:thumb157966826: 124its simple by Rcdevils
125hands icon by Larka08 126two sides by Larka08 127hearts? by Larka08 128flying heart icon by Larka08
129I caught it by Marty-x3 130Sending you some love by Marty-x3

132Expressing Feelings 1 by momashu 133 lovesongTwo minds, two hearts.
Sadness, anger, jealousy, depression.
Happy, loving, giving, thoughtful, warm.
Yin/yang… heaven/hell… warm/cold… love/hate… compassion/carelessness.
What a pain in the ass, and a joy to be near.
Walking contradictions, living dichotomies, who were we then?
Who are we now?
Two hot-headed bundles of passion pain and fury.
Pain and repression, self-loathing and remorse, love and dependence, lust, desire, need, want, love?
Was it love?
Loving someone when they are easy to love is not's easy.
The trick is to be able to love someone when they are difficult to love
That is the hard part.
That is the condition of unconditional.
Take my seven pounds.
For you my love I love and always will.
My heart is open to you.
My heart is open.

Thank You Karolina and Vengeful--Spartan

Princess by Vengeful--Spartan

NothingButDreamsAndTimeToKill by AModernMystic

Thanks RevilGirl, Kiwi-Murder-909, and Emo-Love-3oh3

for zenx007 by revilgirl
smile XD by ToxicKiwii
thank you by emo-love-3oh3

Thanks Tana-Jo

Radioactive Monster by TaNa-Jo

Something is wrong by TaNa-Jo

Thanks Cyanure666,Tobi501 and Andy-Six

that one for you zenx007 by Cyanure666

Happy Birthday Zenx007 by Tobi501

skull and rose by andy-six
:iconlegolasnowayplz: See NEXUS, Issue 6...HERE!-->……
Funny, Sexy, Cool…


Get ready for The THIRD Model Muse Contest...


It's ONE MONTH until Megan Avalon's birthday, so we're holding ANOTHER contest with even BIGGER prizes! :party: This time, the theme is SEXY ACTION HERO. B-). There are two categories to the contest, Art and Literature, and a grand prize for EACH category, so you can possibly win MORE than once! :D

The subject of the third Model Muse Contest is, guess who :lol:, fitness model Megan Avalon, seen here

SQUEEZALICIOUS Megan Avalon by zenx007

For the Art Category, visual artists of all kinds are welcome to join in.:nod: In this part of the contest, you are to make a picture, render, morph, sculpture, mod, would carving, etc. of Megan Avalon as ANY kind of SEXY ACTION HERO you can LIMITS!:toocool: You can use one of the photos of her in my gallery as reference, or you can go to her website ( or Facebook page at… to find one, or Twitter account or you can create something from your imagination, so long as it clearly looks like Megan. The only stipulation, is that you must put her web address ( on the deviation you submit, so people know where to find more of her.:lol: Also, I will feature any art you make in my gallery.:nod: Megan Avalon herself will be the one who picks which one she likes the most :deviation:.

The prizes for the Art Category are:

1st Place:  Either a 6 month MEMBERSHIP to OR 8000 DA points OR $100 through Paypal!:party:

2nd Place: Either a 3 month MEMBERSHIP to OR 4000 DA points OR $50 through Paypal! :la:

3rd Place: Either a 1 month MEMBERSHIP to OR 2000 DA points OR $25 through Paypal :w00t:

4th Place: Either a video from Megan's Clips4Sale store OR 1200 DA points OR $15 through Paypal. :boogie:

5th Place: Either 800 DA points OR $10 through Paypal. :clap:

Las VegA$$ Megan Avalon by zenx007

The Literature Category has been hard to keep track of in the past, so I'm going to keep it simple. :XD: Whoever makes the most "liked" comment on any of the contest entries, all of which I will post to Facebook, will win a 1 month membership to! :la: I hope that's clear enough to everyone and gives those who are more able with verse that they are with drawings, a chance to win something too. :nod:

 The prizes for the Literature Category is:

1st Place:  A 1 month MEMBERSHIP to!:dummy:


You CAN enter BOTH Categories, as MANY times as you want, and possibly, win BOTH...or ALL! =P

The third Model Muse Contest ends just before MIDNIGHT, Thursday, April 24, 2014...Megan's BIRTHDAY! So go get ARTING!:iconinulaplz:

Happy Easter From Megan Avalon by zenx007

...that is all.:lol:

...and now back to the tale of a great naval warrior, some spinach, and the fight to save the universe from longpants. Popeye the Sailor Moon.
SM: Popeye the Sailor Moon by pdonkeh


I just saw DIVERGENT , The film based on the books about a dystopian future where everyone must fit into a certain class or be kicked out of society...actually, it' snot too dystopian or futuristic. :P The main character, Tris, finds out during their version a citizenship test (which involves some TRIPPY drugs) that she is DIVERGENT...meaning she doesn't conform to just ONE group. She tries to hide this fact and jons the Dauntless class, the country's source for their bravest warriors. However Tris must try to hide her TRUE nature during her training, even as she uncovers a government plot to corrupt the class system and try to prevent her entire society from erupting into war from within! :eager: this film was pretty good.:lol: It's rated PG-13 for some violence and kids getting shot, but no more than Hungry Games. =P See it if you are a fan of the books or if you are just looking for a good date flick.:popcorn:

:iconkatnissplz:"Been there, done that...with a bow and arrow."

I also saw MUPPETS: MOST WANTED the sequel to the LAST Muppets movie...and a hilarious time was had, once AGAIN! :XD: In this film, Kermit is treacherously replaced by CONSTANTINE, the world's most DANGEROUS frog and number one thief!:D: Even though Constantine talks with a thick Russian accent an displays deadly martial arts ability, none of Kermit's friends notice the difference (except Animal. :lol:) Kermit ends up stuck in the Russian Gulag while Constatnine uses the Muppets' world tour to plot an intricate series of artifact heists. Wiill Kermit break free in order to stop Constantine's notorious plot AND stop the his marriage to Ms. Piggy?! :O  fGo see the film to find out! :D It's HILARIOUS, with a few catchy song numbers and cameos, by Tina Fey, Ray Liotto, Danny "Machete" Treijo...and Christopher Waltz does the waltz! :laughing: Muppets:  Most Wanted is rated PG for good, family, muppet fun....and see if you can recognize Tom Hiddleston in this movie.:devilish: :dance:

:iconlokigrinplz::iconsaysplz:"We serve frog FRIED, in Asgard."

...and then there was NEED FOR SPEED, a movie loosely based on the video game, starring Breaking Bad's Jesse, AKA Aaron Paul.  there is no blue meth in this film but there are some HOT cars and CRAZY racing! :la: In the film, Aaron Paul plays Tobey Marshall, a racer who is wrongfully convicted in the crash and death of his friend. Once he gets out of prison, who goes on a cross-country trek to reach a secret race that his friend's TRUE killer has exact VENGEANCE. :chainsaw:  However, in doing so, he breaks his parole, and about a HUNDRED traffic laws, and ends up with the police, the FBI, mercenaries AND the military chasing him!:faint: This film is rater PG-13 because of vehicular MAYHEM and MANSLAUGHTER!:lol: It's not as violent as The Fast And Furious films, but the story is actually pretty good, the racing is top notch and vehicles are some of the rarest on EARTH. All in all, a VERY entertaining film.  B-) Imagine that...a movie made from a video that DOESN'T suck. =P

:iconjessepinkmanplz::iconsaysplz:"Cars AND Science...B*TCH!"

I also viewed 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, the sequel to Frank Miller's 300. In the film, the warriors of Greece must muster the will to fight the legions of Xerxes after King Leonides and his 300 Spartans have fallen. This film actually partially takes place before, DURING, and after the timeline of the original 300; showing how Xerxes came to power after his father was slain by the Greek warrior Themistocles. Themistocles tries to unite Greece against Xerxes' navy, led the vengeful Artimesia, turning the sees red with the blood of Greek and Persian warriors. This movie, while not as action-filled as the first 300, still had plenty of battling and a very good story. It's rated R because not only do people get dismembered and burned alive, but there is a BATTLE/SEX scene in this movie that might have you in SHOCK! :O Definitely don't see this with your mom...unless she's from SPARTAAAAAA!!!:shakefist:

:iconspartaplz::iconsaysplz:"Sex AND violence? What's next...driving and texting?!"

...and finally I saw MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN which may have actually been the BEST movie I've seen all year!:lol: In the film based on the the cartoon from the 60's, Mr. Peabody is a dog genius AND the doting father of his adopted son Sherman. :meow: He teaches Sherman all about history using a time machine he invented called, The Wayback.:lol: Hoever, Sherman gets in trouble at school and Child Services threatens to take Sherman away from Mr. Peabody. :noes: On top of that Sherman misuses the Wayback and Mr. Peobody has to go back in time to fix...well...the UNIVERSE! :D All the while he is trying to prove to Child Services that, "if a boy can adopt a dog, then a dog can adopt a boy too". :lmao: This movie is funny, touching, imaginative and visually BRILLIANT! I had fun from start to finish. :nod: It's rated PG so everyone in the family can enjoy Peabody and Sherman. At the end, you may just shout, "I'm a dog TOO!" :clap:

:iconmrpeabodyplz::iconsaysplz:"I'm one proud PAW"..."I don't get it.":iconsays2plz: :iconshermanplz:


Now here are some projects that I'M up to, OTHERS are up to, or I'm up to WITH others:nod:

1. I'm looking for publishers for The Princes Pageant!:dummy:...if anyone has any INSIDE contacts:ninja: into the publishing world, please let me know.:plotting: Time to take on the WORLD!:w00t:

2. :iconmkonstantinov: just cut his day job hours by HALF so he can take on more COMMISSIONS! :la: Check out his SMEXY gallery, send him note, and get yourself some FINE ART today.:lol:

3. :iconmavruda: has started his own website at take a look at the NICENESS and join up for the NAUGHTINESS!:horny:

4. :icontaversia: is still on a book tour for her BRILLIANT novel Viscountess! B-) You can send her a message if you want to buy a copy directly from her or get it on :nod:…

5. :iconareaorion: has started the phenomena called Muscle models taking phone cam pics of themselves:D See it here:

6. :iconbutterpantsprd:, :iconsmasher-x:, :iconcasetermk:, :iconfishfreshwater: and I are developing the game Starfish Ninja!:ninjaplot: Soon to hit an APP near YOU!:katana:

7. I'm always looking for new characters to put into Nexus...if you have an O.C. or favorite character you want in, send me a note!:lol:


Now here's a word for those in need of some help.:heart:

1. :iconmavruda: had a serious injury to his drawing hand :( ...but he's still willing to work on commissions, just a bit SLOWER than usual.:nod: Send him a note if you want some fine art of your own, or better yet, join his website and be AMAZED and TITILLATED. =P

2. :icontana-jo: is lobbying to become s SENIOR member of DA. Anyone willing to send a recommendation on her behalf, please send her a note. Not only is is a GREAT artist, but she's a GREAT help to the DA community as well. :nod:


...Here are some opportunities for those of you looking to make some extra cash.:highfive:

1. :iconsteeleblazer84: is looking for dependable artists to make comic for his site B-) If you like drawing muscled maidens, and can work on a consistent deadline, then send him a note. :lol:

2. This is the DA job offers page… You can check it out every day to see who needs commissions done for their projects.:thumbsup:;)

3. There are always opportunities to sell your photos or images as royalty free stock at site like and . You get paid every time someone buys the right to use your work.:thumbsup::lol:


As for the Weekly Free Subscription Contest...the winners WERE...:boogie:


...The vote for the next Free Weekly Subscription Contest will end on midnight may win multiple times, but not twice in a get voting now.:la:

All that being said, here is an update of the different contests going on. :clap:


The :iconcontestgroup: is a group FOR contests.:#1: They have 4 every month. Check out their page and join if you like PRIZES!:deviation:

:iconanothercontestgroup: Lists contests around DA, and also describes them by media, and prize content. Check them out and enter to WIN!:dummy:

:iconfortehlulzplz:BONUS: I found The DA CONTEST PAGE!! Just click the link communityrelations.deviantart.… and scroll down, as there are a TON of different point contests out there to enter!:woohoo:

There are always plenty of opportunities out there on DA. We all benefit when we help each other out, and more creative juices are a-flowin'. It'll try to keep anyone interested posted.

Dark Eyes Club In Da' HOUSE!!!



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NEXUS Issue 6

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Sensualite Megan for MODEL MUSE CONTEST by ange10 by zenx007Megan The Muse by sweetnsourdesigns by zenx007Toon Megan Avalon by Jabba7 by zenx007Megan Avalon in the Chuck Jones Style by jabba7Megan Avalon as Rosie the Riveter by jabba7MORE Muscle Model Muse Megan Avalon by areaorion by zenx007Two Muses Megan Avalon by nekogirl940 by zenx007Pinup Muse Megan Avalon by grandmasterpinup by zenx007Air Megan Avalon by 80sdisco by zenx007Megan Avalon Entry Contest by mkonstantinovMuscle Barbie Muse by threed-musc by zenx007DEVIL WINGS by JY-KO-XWonder Megan by andrewr255A HOT View Of Avalon by TrekkieGal by zenx007Sitting Pretty Megan Avalon by unmanifested by zenx007Playboy Muse Megan by JY-KO-X by zenx007zenx007 Hearts Megan by JY-KO-X by zenx007Bring It On Ken by nekogirl940Musclexx Megan by sgcaio by zenx007
Countess Meganna by sgcaio for Model Muse Contest by zenx007MEGA Megan by tarrass20020 for Model Muse Contest by zenx007:thumb332440498:Avalon witch by Ange10Megan Avalon Dot Net  PG13 version by gpfermegan avalon contest entry by valsiak:thumb335019838:MEGAN AVALON MUSE HALLOWEEN CONTEST by B9TRIBECABedazzled by Candy-DanteLMegan the witch by core972Megan Avalon Trick or Treat by johnnyharadrimSexy As HELL Megan by wangji for Halloween Contest by zenx007Sailor Megan by mkonstantinov for Muse Contest by zenx007


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